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Wellness Tips for Women

by Alexa Styliadis

It’s no secret — midlife can bring some special health challenges for women. The good news is that none of those challenges have to stop you from living a lively, full life for decades to come. To keep your mind and body in optimal shape, follow these 5 simple tips:

1. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise can lower your risk of heart disease, memory problems, and more. Just 30 minutes of walking, biking, or gardening 5 days a week can make an important difference.


2. Get Enough Sleep

Menopause, hot flashes, and a weak bladder are just a few of the challenges that can get in the way of a good night’s sleep. Proper sleep helps the brain store memories, improves mood, and gives your body time to rest and heal. Prioritize getting 7 to 9 hours every night. If you suffer from insomnia, talk to your doctor about treatment options to get a better night’s rest.


3. Don't Skip Your Annual Check-up

Regular health exams and tests can help find problems before they start. By getting the right health services, screenings, and treatments, you can take steps to live a longer, healthier life.

4. Make Smarter Food Choices

As you get older, your metabolism slows down. Choose foods packed with the nutrients you need. Eat dark leafy greens and colorful fruits and vegetables. Increase low-fat dairy to get calcium for your bones. Cut down on empty calories from sugary drinks, sweets, and alcohol. Sodium can drive your blood pressure up, so cut down on the salt in your diet.


5. Fill Your Empty Nest

If your kids have moved out and your home feels empty, think about adopting a pet. People with cats and dogs seem to have lower cholesterol levels and less of a risk of heart disease. Having a pet that needs walks is also a great way to build in daily exercise! However, if you are an Empty Nester experiencing symptoms of depression for longer than two weeks, consider contacting your doctor.

Wellness is part of who we are. At The Center for Gynecological Care & Wellness, our medical providers are here to guide you every step of the way. Call us today at 585.545.7200 to make an appointment.