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what is PrEP?

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is a medication that prevents HIV. When taken as prescribed, PrEP reduces the risk of getting HIV up to 99% in HIV-negative individuals. You can lower your risk even more if you combine PrEP with condoms and other safe-sex prevention methods.

isn’t HIV just for gay men?

No way. In fact, women account for 20% of new HIV occurrences. Anyone can come in contact with HIV, regardless of their gender, sexuality, or lifestyle. So why not protect yourself?

how will PrEP interact with my other meds?

If you’re on birth control, hormone therapy, or even breastfeeding, you can still take PrEP safely. Of course, you should always have a conversation with your doctor to be sure, but most people report no side effects while taking PrEP.

can I afford PrEP?

Don’t worry; we will work with you to find a solution at Trillium. We’ll help you find insurance and assistance programs that make PrEP more affordable. No matter what your income, you deserve to protect yourself.

More FAQs

Is PrEP right for me?

The only way to know for sure is to talk to your doctor, but PrEP is recommended for those who are HIV negative and:

  • Have multiple or anonymous sexual partners

  • Do not use condoms or do not use condoms regularly

  • Use injection drugs or mood-altering drugs, such as alcohol, methamphetamines, cocaine, or ecstasy

  • Have sex in exchange for money, drugs, housing, etc.

  • Have a sexual partner living with HIV or a sexual partner whose status is unknown.

Who can take PrEP?

PrEP has been approved in HIV negative individuals weighing over 77 lbs.

Aren’t condoms enough?

Condoms are an effective tool against HIV, but they aren’t perfect. If you want to feel more in control, PrEP may be right for you.

What about side effects?

There are usually very few side effects associated with PrEP. You may experience tolerable side effects such as stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea, headache, or fatigue. For those who do experience side effects, they usually go away in 1-2 weeks!

Can I take PrEP if I have an STD?

You'll be screened for HIV, Hepatitis and Syphilis at your PrEP intake appointment. If you test positive for Hepatitis or have any STDs, we'll get you connected to care right away and you can still begin taking PrEP. However, if you get a positive HIV result, you will not be a candidate for PrEP as it can make you resistant to HIV treatment. We'll help you get enrolled in our HIV RapidStart program so you can begin HIV treatment and reach an undetectable viral load.

Can I take PrEP while on my period?

Yes! You can take PrEP every day, even when you have your period!

Are there different kinds of PrEP?

Yes! There are multiple options for PrEP now (pills and injectables). Talk to your provider about what's best for you.

Ok, I want to start taking PrEP. What now?

Schedule a 10-minute phone call with a PrEP Specialist before seeing a provider. Or, just give us a call at 1-888-PrEP-123 (7737).



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