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Referring Providers

HIV Testing for Physicians

Trillium Health specializes in caring for people living with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C.  Our health care providers are specialists knowledgeable in the latest advances in treatment and research.  We also provide extensive support, social services, and prevention education to the local community.  Comprehensive testing and outreach are part of our mission.

As Western New York's leading resource on HIV/AIDS treatment,  prevention, education, and support services, we can help primary care and specialty practices understand the importance of routine testing and how changing regulations may impact their practices.  Most importantly, we can provide advice, consultation, and resources.  Dr. Valenti's position on the governor's task force to end the epidemic has us poised to play a significant role as we offer the services meant to fulfill this mission.  Also important to note, we have the only Adult Day Health Program for HIV patients in the state, outside of NYC.

Our "thinc +" program is a comprehensive care model for Hepatitis C patients that includes a whole array of services provided by a physician, registered nurse, clinical pharmacist, treatment adherence counselor, behavioral wellness counselor, and registered dietician.  There is also an on-site pharmacy and lab for ongoing testing, a peer educator and support group, and an insurance assistor that can help navigate the system to make sure the treatment can be covered.  Trillium Health is on top of the latest drug treatments available and the most effective course of treatment based on the patient's own condition and circumstances.

Now, more than ever, it's important for all medical care providers to stay informed about the latest news on advances in specialized care - and we can help.  At Trillium Health, we are committed to furthering the care and treatment of patients in our service area, and to be a valued resource to the community's direct care providers.  Our team of health care professionals is just a phone call away at 585.545.7200.

Internet Resources for HIV Testing

Centers for Disease Control

NYS Department of Health

Services for Hepatitis C Referrals

Trillium Health offers a complete approach to Hepatitis C treatment, unmatched in western New York. Our “dream team” of providers, consisting of two Infectious Disease Physicians, a Clinical Pharmacist, Linkage-to-Care Specialist, and two Coordinators, work in concert to ensure comprehensive care. And, from test to cure and everything in between, we always keep primary care physicians in the loop.

Refer to us! New patients are seen in 30 days or less. Call 585.545.HEPC (4372) for more information.

The Trillium Health Advantage

Our doors are open to all patients, regardless of:

  • behavioral health challenges
  • co-morbidities such as HIV, Hepatitis B, or drug use
  • status of finances or insurance

Referring physicians can rest easy knowing that our team will provide them with regular updates, ensuring seamless care in every respect.

We also offer free testing! Learn more here.

Our Hepatitis C Specialty Team

Michael Mancenido, DO
Board Certified in Infectious Disease

  • Hepatitis C specialist for over 10 years
  • HIV & infectious disease specialist
  • Infectious Disease Fellow, University of MA

Jacob Scutaru, MD
Infectious Disease Physician

  • Hepatitis C specialist
  • HIV & infectious disease specialist
  • Infectious Disease Fellow, URMC

Ashley Zuppelli, PharmD
Specialty Pharmacist

  • Individualized drug therapy
  • Helps reduce prescription cost

Spanish-speaking staff available!