Post-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV Exposure (PEP)
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NEED PEP? Call 585.454.PrEP (7737) during business hours.  For 24/7 PEP access, call 800.923.9394

PEP: the 'morning-after pill' for possible HIV exposure

If you think you have had sex without a condom, or have used or been stuck by a needle, you may have been exposed to HIV. Call us NOW or visit our Monroe Avenue location to receive a medication (PEP) that can greatly reduce your likelihood of becoming infected with HIV.


  • PEP is for emergency use. If you think you are at prolonged risk for HIV, you should speak to a Trillium Health PrEP Specialist about starting PrEP
  • If you start PEP, you will need to:
    -Take the medicine for 30 days
    -Have a follow-up visit 30 and 60 days after you start PEP
  • PEP works best if it’s taken within 72 hours after a possible exposure

Potential Exposures to HIV:

  • Condomless and PrEP-less sex with a partner who is living with HIV or whose HIV status is unknown
  • Sharing syringes or needles
  • Accidental needle/syringe stick