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Diabetes Management

personalized care, for you.

At Trillium Health, we believe that our patients deserve compassionate, high-quality healthcare that's comprehensive, convenient, and affordable. We know that navigating diabetes can be challenging, and so we have a whole team of specialists ready to care for you!

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Diabetes can be complicated and it can change over the years, so having a team of people dedicated to your diabetes management is what sets us apart.

At Trillium Health, there will be a collaboration between your primary care provider, clinical pharmacists, and our registered dietician.

what is a clinical pharmacist?

Clinical pharmacists work directly with providers, nurses, and patients to ensure that medications prescribed to patients contribute to the best possible health outcomes. They also:

  • Determine whether the prescribed medications are meeting the patient’s needs and goals of care

  • Evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of the patient’s medications

  • Follow the patient’s progress to determine the effects of the patient’s medications on their health

  • Advise the patient on how to best take their medications

  • Support the health care team’s efforts to educate the patient on other important steps to improve or maintain their health, such as exercise, diet, and preventive steps like immunization

  • Refer the patient to their provider to address specific health, wellness, or social services concerns as they arise

what is a registered dietician?

A registered dietician is an expert in the field of food and nutrition. Trillium Health's registered dietician can provide individual nutrition counseling to patients seeking support and guidance with their eating patterns. There are many complex factors that can impact a person's eating patterns and their relationship with food, and our registered dietician can help.

what is a certified diabetes educator?

A certified diabetes educator can help with:

  • Lessons in how to use devices like a glucometer and insulin pump
  • Explanations of how to recognize and address complications from diabetes
  • Information about healthy lifestyle changes for patients and their families
  • Personalized suggestions for following a treatment plan
  • Advice for solving problems and coping with changes

We'll support you, regardless of where you are in your journey!

on-site pharmacy & lab

Managing your diabetes can require frequent medication changes, and so Trillium Health has a convenient onsite pharmacy with free parking and 24-hour prescription ordering. You can get your prescriptions before you even leave the building, or, we can mail them to your home for free. We’ll work with you to keep costs as low as possible. Learn more.

We also offer an on-site lab where you can get your necessary blood draws every 3 months for A1C testing. A1C tests can identify prediabetes, diagnose diabetes, and monitor how well your diabetes treatment is working overtime. It's also a critical step in forming your game plan with your diabetes care team.

Get your bloodwork and medications all under one roof!

we're accepting new patients! contact us today.

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