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Trillium Health has been providing comprehensive, patient-centered HIV care for over 30 years! We began as a small HIV/AIDS clinic in the 1980's, and we're proud of our legacy as the leading LGBTQ+ healthcare provider in Rochester. Over the years, Trillium Health has provided extraordinary care for thousands of people living with HIV.


Whether you've just learned your HIV status for the first time, or you've gotten off track with your treatment, or you're looking for a clinic where you can get personalized primary and specialty care - we're here for you! And at Trillium Health, finances are never a barrier; we offer care regardless of ability to pay.

HIV Treatment

Today, HIV medication is safer and more effective than ever before. The sooner you start HIV treatment, the better. For the majority of our HIV positive patients, the treatment is only 1 pill per day.

Taking your HIV medication every day, doing regular lab work, and meeting with your doctor a few times a year will help you to manage your HIV. HIV medication reduces the amount of the HIV virus in the body to the point where it actually becomes undetectable.

Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U)

Once you achieve and maintain an undetectable HIV viral load, it is impossible to pass on the HIV virus sexually - no matter who you have sex with or how. Undetectable = Untransmittable.

We know how to help you achieve that goal - over 90% of our patients are maintaining an undetectable viral load.  

ARCH (Age-Related Changes with HIV)

At Trillium Health, we have a program for folks over 50 living with HIV called ARCH (Age Related Changes with HIV) under the People Aging with HIV grant (PAWH).

This program offers:

  • Supportive services (food, housing, and transportation)
  • Health education
  • Insurance navigation
  • Counseling and wellness screenings
  • Help with medical appointments
  • Home care referrals
  • Support groups, and more!

To date, we have 21 people enrolled in this program with many more pending enrollments. We also continue to assist patients who are not formally enrolled in this program, but who fall into the demographic, to meet their health goals.

Trillium was also recently designated as an “Age-Friendly Health System” participant.

If you have any questions about services for people living with HIV over age 50, please contact Christen Terrore.

Trillium Health is proud to offer many support services for people living with HIV.

  • Our Care Management team helps patients with a variety of needs to help them stay healthy. Sometimes life is complicated, and keeping up with your medical care, doctor’s appointments, and regular labs can be hard. Our team is here to help you achieve your health goals.

    Care Managers offer Medical Case Management and Peer Navigation to individuals living with HIV, as well as Patient Navigation to all Trillium patients to assist with emergent needs or referrals for services.

    They also offer Health Education (group and individual) for people living with HIV to help develop strategies for achieving positive health outcomes (ex. viral load suppression). Health Education sessions focus on basic HIV-related knowledge, treatment education, health literacy (understanding blood work results, treatment regimens, self-advocacy with medical providers) building support systems and transmission prevention.

  • This individualized service helps patients manage their HIV treatment and other medications by providing strategies like pre-filled pill boxes (or blister packs) so there is never a question about which medication you need to take or when.

  • Small support groups can help provide education and emotional support to people living with HIV. Support groups are facilitated by Trillium Health staff. Learn more.

  • Don't have insurance? Not a problem. Trillium Health's insurance navigators can help you get health insurance for yourself or your family, even if you are not a Trillium patient or client.

  • We can help you take charge of your own health as you learn how to eat healthy on a budget. This program will teach you how to plan, shop, save, and prepare healthy foods that are just right for you. Call us for more information.

  • Whether you stop by every month or for a one-time visit, our food pantry can help get you through. The food pantry is open to all of Trillium Health's patients and clients. Right now, the food pantry is available by appointment only. Please call 585.545.7200 and we will make arrangements with you.

  • Our transportation program ensures that transportation is not a barrier when it comes to your medical needs. We offer support such as bus passes, gas cards, and subcontracted transport (taxis, vans). Call us to ask about the program.

  • Did you know that your sexual partners can be protected from HIV by taking one pill a day? Find out more about PrEP or make a PrEP@Home appointment online.

  • Feedback from people living with HIV is a critical part of our HIV program at Trillium Health. Through our Ryan White Advisory Panel, people living with HIV contribute to continuous quality improvement of our services, plan for future programming and help us respond to changing needs.

  • Dealing with housing instability can be very hard to handle alone, and people who are living with HIV may be eligible for special housing assistance programs. For more information, please call 585.545.7200.

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