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About Us


We're so much more than a clinic! We're a compassionate team of medical and social service professionals, and we'll meet you in a healing and affirming environment where you will feel supported, cared for, cared about.

why the Trillium flower?

The three petals of the Trillium flower represent our comprehensive model of care - we treat the physical, emotional and social health of our patients.

Trillium Health, a Community Health Center, provides extraordinary care for all, including LGBTQ+ health, ensuring equitable, judgement-free and affordable care.

Our history is one of courage, hope, and innovation as we met the challenge of HIV/AIDS head-on, during very difficult times. That legacy forged us into who we are today, providing care that pays attention to all aspects of your well-being - physical, social, and emotional. We continue to live by these same values while we expand our comprehensive services to all the people in our community. Today, we offer primary and specialty medical care services at our downtown location at 259 Monroe Avenue, and our newest location, Trillium Health at 170 Science Parkway, is home to Pathway Pediatrics and the Center for Gynecological Care & Wellness. We also offer many additional services, including:

We specialize in meeting complex needs, and we help you break down barriers to good health care. It's about meeting you where you are and personalizing your care plan to meet your situation. And it's also about reaching out beyond our own spaces and into our surrounding neighborhoods, to help bring good health into our entire community through testing, education, outreach, harm reduction, and prevention.

Please continue to search our site and find out how we can help you. Then call us with any questions you may have. Better yet, stop in and visit us personally!  We'd love to meet you and find out what we can do for you.

Jason Barnecut-Kearns

President and CEO | Trillium Health