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Six Tips to Help Your Child Enjoy Reading

by Alexa Styliadis


Let your child choose the book – Reading about something they’re interested in will keep your child more engaged. Young children are attracted to the covers of books, so facing them out will help them make their choice.


Make reading together fun – It's not what you read to your child that counts; it's how. Make story time come alive by changing your voice, use sound effects and motions, and even try props! Young children will love watching you act silly.


Read the same book multiple times – Re-reading the same book helps your child develop better language skills, improves reading comprehension, and builds confidence. Soon, they may start reading the book back to you!


Get comfy – Creating a space that gives your child a dedicated place to read helps enhance their experience. Fill the space with books, comfy seating, and soft light so that your child can settle in and focus.


Read together every day – Reading together helps create a positive, memorable experience for children. If your child is older and is able to read independently, you can read alongside them so they see you enjoy books, too!


Join your local library – Get your child a library card. They’ll be able to get their hands on hundreds of fantastic books, and the two of you can read together. The Rochester Public Library can be found here.

At Pathway Pediatrics, a division of Trillium Health, we are proud to be part of the Reach Out & Read® program! Our office includes a dedicated library area with bookshelves, colorful graphics, and more. Our medical providers will give a book to every child at well-child visits from the ages of 6 months to 5 years old and encourage families to read aloud and engage with their children every day. We look forward to sharing this program with you and your child!