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Opioid Overdose Prevention: How to get NARCAN® training during COVID-19

by Nathan Bense

The opioid crisis continues to impact countless lives in communities across the country, New York State, and the Rochester area. Join a virtual NARCAN® training session today!

Trillium Health is now providing NARCAN® training sessions online and over the phone.

What is NARCAN®?

NARCAN® is a nasal spray version of the drug naloxone. It is an emergency treatment for known or suspected opioid overdoses. The drug is designed to counteract the life-threatening effects of an opioid overdose. NARCAN® and other forms of naloxone are not a substitute for emergency medical care. You should always call 911 for help, even if the person wakes up.

Do I need a prescription for NARCAN® or naloxone?

No you do not. NARCAN® and naloxone are available over-the-counter from agencies like Trillium Health and from many pharmacies.

Help for people who inject drugs

Trillium Health’s harm reduction team offers judgement-free care and services for people who inject drugs. Our Syringe Exchange Program provides free access to new syringes and works (cotton, caps, sterile water) in addition to safer injection education and counseling.