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Hepatitis Awareness Month 2023

by Alexa Styliadis

get tested. get cured.

May is Hepatitis Awareness Month. Up to 75% of people living with Hep C don't even know they have it. Thankfully, Hep C is curable, but, if left untreated, it can cause liver damage, liver cancer, or death.


As a Hepatitis C Center of Excellence, Trillium Health is expertly staffed to treat infected patients – including board-certified infectious disease physicians, pharmacists, and coordinators who can get you from diagnosis to cure. Since 2015, our team has cured 456 patients!

who should get tested?

While some individuals are at a higher risk for Hep C, the United States Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommends screening for Hep C infection in adults aged 18 to 79 years. View individuals who are at higher risk here.

ways to get tested:

1. Schedule an appointment for in-person testing

2. Call 585.454.HEPC (4372)

3. Email

Early detection is key to preventing the spread of Hep C and improving health outcomes. Adhering to medications is essential to be cured of the virus.

Learn more about Hep C testing and treatment at Trillium Health. Call us at 585.454.HEPC (4372) to make an appointment.


Are you a provider looking to refer your patients for Hepatitis C Treatment? We're proud to be a Hepatitis C Center of Excellence and take referrals.