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Pride 2023 FAQs

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Pride Parade FAQs:

Pride Festival FAQs:

General FAQs:

  • We take safety very seriously. At the Parade, the Rochester Police Department will have a presence at each cross street along Park Avenue between Alexander and Culver. At the Festival, RPD will be present outside the entrance. There will also be private security at both events. Also, just like all large events across our county, the Monroe County Crime Analysis Team will continue to monitor any chatter about the events planned for our community, and will adjust their safety plans if needed. For those who are choosing to participate in any or all of these events, we urge you to stay vigilant, be aware of your surroundings, and call 911 or tell a Pride volunteer in a pink t-shirt if you see something suspicious. We look forward to celebrating our community with Pride!

  • The money raised at Pride goes into a restricted fund to support LGBTQ+ Pride events and programming throughout the Rochester area. For more information, please contact pride@trilliumhealth.org.

  • Please send an email to pride@trilliumhealth.org.