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Living well with HIV/AIDS requires that patients take charge of their health - both physically and mentally. If patients feel overwhelmed by anxiety or depression, are dealing with an emotional crisis, or just need someone to talk to, counselors at Trillium Health can help!


Mental Health Counseling is provided on-site for HIV+ individuals and their loved ones by Trillium Health staff.

General Support Group
All people living with HIV are invited to the General Support Group at Trillium Health on Tuesdays from 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm. Come and learn how others with similar concerns are managing their lives while sharing your own experiences in a supportive, confidential environment.

One-on-one counseling is available to help patients address specific concerns or get connected with needed services. Generally, acute needs can be addressed the same day for existing patients. If needed, treatment can include individual or "talk counseling," family or couple counseling, group counseling, medication, and training in stress management. Whatever the course of action, it's important to note that all staff has training and experience in working with people who are living with HIV/AIDS.

Substance Use Evaluation and Treatment
Stressful situations can sometimes cause people to turn to alcohol or drugs to cope with life challenges. Compassionate counselors at Trillium Health, in partnership with Huther-Doyle, one of the area's most recognized sources for Substance Use programming, provide quality programs on-site.