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All Trillium Health locations will be closed Wednesday, June 19 for Juneteenth.

At Trillium Health, we're committed to providing access to healthcare to people from all backgrounds, regardless of income, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race, or ethnicity. Since our founding days, we have stood up for those who have been marginalized and underrepresented. It is a torch we continue to carry in hopes of lighting a path forward to achieve health equity for all.

Racism should have no part in our society, and we are continually and painfully reminded that it remains deeply entrenched in our country and our communities. We are committed to help address racism through our healthcare mission of ensuring health equity and through intentional change within our organization’s culture.

achieving health equity

We believe that focus on diversity, equity and belonging (DEB) in our culture and our community enables us all to thrive. We also believe that the delivery of high-quality, culturally sensitive healthcare and related services is essential to achieving health equity. As an organization, we strive to reflect the diversity of the people we serve in the make up of our staff.

Our vision is to be recognized as the premier Community Health Center in New York State for providing barrier-free, innovative care that enriches and saves lives.

Learn more about the ways we're promoting health equity.


health equity

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At Trillium Health, health equity is in our DNA. Leading our DEB efforts is "Thrive! The Office of Diversity, Equity & Belonging.” This team is tasked with keeping our mission at the forefront of the work we do and helping our culture of inclusion thrive. A major element of our agency’s DEB plan involves education, which helps us to become more culturally aware and sensitive to differences within our workforce.

Every Trillium Health employee has participated in our Foundations Workshop, and it's being rolled out to new hires as part of their onboarding process. This training gives every team member an opportunity to engage in learning about diversity, equity and inclusion. The workshop teaches:

  • The meaning of the terms Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Understanding the impact of assumptions and how to navigate them
  • Gaining an understanding of Unconscious Bias
  • Learning about and practicing Courageous Conversations
  • Learning best practices for authentic engagement

We also offer LGBTQ+ cultural competency training for the community! Learn more here

proud supporter of Rochester Pride

At Trillium Health, not only are we proud to serve the LGBTQ+ community, many of our employees are part of it. And the rest of us are the strongest allies you can find. That's why we're proud to be a premiere sponsor of the Rochester Pride Parade & Festival.

We are thrilled to have had employees recognized as "Healthcare Heroes" by the Rochester Business Journal in 2020, 2022 and 2023.