Treatment Adherence Counseling
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Treatment Adherence Counseling

education, encouragement, and hands-on support

HIV medications are very effective at keeping patients healthy, but medications need to be taken consistently in order to lower the viral load and increase CD4 (T-cell). We also know that U=U, or Undectable = Untransmittable, meaning that patients with undetectable viral loads cannot transmit the virus to their sexual partners. The best way to do that is to take your HIV medications! Sometimes, because of busy schedules, psychosocial barriers, side effects, or other issues, many patients have trouble keeping organized and on top of their medications.

Through a client-centered approach, the Treatment Adherence team at Trillium Health can help patients manage their treatment by providing education, encouragement, and hands-on support. Two Treatment Adherence Counselors (TAC) are on-site full time.

Treatment Adherence Counselors can help patients:

  • Learn more about treatment, including side effects, viral load, CD4, lab results, interactions between HIV and non-HIV medications, etc.
  • Coordinate medication refills with our on-site Pharmacy
  • Customize medication plans to fit each patient's lifestyle
  • Communicate medication concerns with your providers
  • With feelings related to treatment
  • Take their medications, by providing:
    • Follow-up visits and reminders via telephone
    • Setting up pillboxes weekly or monthly
    • Daily medication taken on site

Comprehensive Outpatient Services for People Living with HIV

As a HRSA grantee under the Ryan White Care Act- Part C since 1990, Trillium Health has been providing comprehensive, integrated, personalized HIV primary and specialty medical care to people living with HIV for 30 years. Trillium Health ensures that all patients and clients receive HIV care in a supportive, affirming environment, regardless of ability to pay. Annually, Trillium Health provides core medical services and support services in an outpatient setting for more than 800 people living with HIV.