Thanking your Donors

Your donors have done their part by donating their hard earned money to support a cause you care about. Always thank your donors promptly for their contribution with a thank you letter.

Additional things you can do to show your gratitude towards your donors:

    * Send updates about how your training and fundraising are going so far.
    * Invite them to cheer you on at any of the rest stops or the finish at Genesee Valley Park.
    * After the event, send your donors a letter to let them know how much you raised and how the ride went. You can also include a photo of you on your bike.

Online Contributions
An automatically generated thank you letter will be sent to all of your online donors from firstgiving that states the exact amount they have donated along with a receipt for tax purposes.

You can also send your donors a personal letter by logging into your firstgiving account.

    * Go to and click on "your account" in the upper right hand corner
    * Enter your email and password
    * Click on "edit"
    * Click on the green button "Email your page"
    * Choose the option "Thank my donors"
    * This option will automatically generate a sample thank you letter
    * Enter your donor's Email address
    * Click "Send"

Offline Contributions
If donors give you cash or check make sure you give them a receipt and send them a thank you letter. Remind the donor that their gift is tax deductible and to save save the receipt as proof.