PrEP Referring Providers
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partnering with you to provide sexual health care to your patients

You know the facts - let's collaborate!

Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) reduces the risk of HIV by 99%. If your patients are interested in PrEP, please refer them to us! We'll work in partnership with you to ensure continuous care.

  • We have all PrEP drugs (Truvada, Descovy) and we will have the injectable form of Cabenuva once it is approved (anticipated early 2022).
  • We do both in-person and telehealth visits. We can also serve patients across New York State through our PrEP@home program.
  • Our PrEP specialists help coordinate insurance issues so that out of pocket expenses are generally no more than $5.00.
  • We see patients every 3-6 months and do the necessary lab screening including HIV and STI testing.

For more information, please contact: 

Dennis Adey, HIV Prevention Supervisor | 585.545.PrEP (7737)


HIV is on the rise in Monroe County

HIV diagnoses are on the rise in Monroe County—a disturbing trend that threatens to set us back in our fight to End the HIV Epidemic. It's critical that we reach people at risk and enroll them in HIV prevention treatment. Learn more about Trillium Health's programs: Protect with PrEP and PrEP for Women.

why refer to Trillium Health?

Provider Collaborative
Trillium Health offers providers an easy referral process: By simply calling our PrEP Supervisor, we will coordinate the appointment with your patient and ensure that there is no break in the continuity of care. We're here to work in partnership with you. 

Care Coordinator Model
Through Trillium’s PrEP program, patients will have complete and comprehensive knowledge of their individual care plan, including confirming appointment dates, access to transportation, tracking medication usage, and procuring refills at our pharmacy. We see patients every 3-6 months and do the necessary lab screening, including HIV and STI testing.

Your patients can receive sexual health services, see a health care provider, and have access to a pharmacy and lab—all on-location at Trillium Health. 

Specialty & Mail-Order Pharmacy
Our specialty and mail-order pharmacies can deliver PrEP to patients anywhere in New York State, so they don’t have to live locally or come in to pick up prescriptions. 

Patients Have Options
We have all approved PrEP drugs, including Truvada and Descovy, and will have the injectable form of Cabenuva once it is approved in early 2022.

Harm Reduction Focused
Trillium’s health care delivery model has always been based on a harm reduction philosophy of providing care. Whether patients are in varying degrees of sobriety or actively using, everyone is eligible for the same level of treatment.

Telehealth and In-Person
Video visits are available during office hours for patients across New York State as well as in-person appointments. We can also serve patients through our PrEP@home program.

As an organization, Trillium’s unique structure allows us to quickly implement customized programs, seamlessly connect with providers, and make important decisions quickly.

Preventing HIV doesn’t have to be expensive. Our PrEP specialists help patients keep out-of-pocket expenses generally no more than $5.00. Our Sliding-Fee discount is always available for those who qualify and we have on-site Insurance Navigators.

Quick Turnaround
To maintain the highest quality of health care, Trillium Health is committed to seeing patients as quickly as possible.

24/7 Access to PEP
If a patient may have been exposed to HIV, we have 24/7 access to Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) in order to prevent an HIV infection when taken within 72 hours. A member of our pharmacy team will ensure that they get started on medication, regardless of the time of day, and linked to our PrEP Team in order to get the preventative care they need.

For more information about Trillium Health’s PrEP Program, please contact: 

Dennis Adey, HIV Prevention Supervisor | 585.545.PrEP (7737)