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At Trillium Health, we regularly partner with community organizations to reach vulnerable communities and communities of color. Our mission is to promote health equity and to eliminate barriers so we can provide quality care to people from all backgrounds – regardless of income, race, and ethnicity.

Testimonials from the Community

Why did you want to get the vaccine today?

“We have multigenerational family living in our household, and our family strategy was that the more of us that got vaccinated the safer everybody would be. So even though we have multiple generations, there are people in our household that were at higher risk – just being older and some people being older and having pre-existing conditions. We have an interesting family dynamic – my daughter, who is four, lived in the same household as my wife’s grandmother who was 100, so we literally have four generations of people living under one roof. So just to keep everybody safe we decided that it was all for one and one for all.”

- Phillip

How was your experience at Trillium today?

“It was super easy. Came right in and only waited for a few minutes and then went into the room. I volunteered at the convention center and this compared to that is night and day. Very efficient there too, but it’s an hour-long process standing in one line to get into a different line to get into a different line. Here it was one line, sit in a chair, go to the room – couldn’t have been easier.”

- Stephen

If someone was on the fence about getting the vaccine, what would you tell them?

“Do you choose to live or do you choose to die? I chose to live. I COPD. I also have asthma. But I work around children, so I think this is so important – they are our future, so if nothing else, get it for the other people that you love if you don’t want to get it for yourself. Get it for someone that you love and that you care about. I’m trying to wake up tomorrow, and I want to be here until my last day and time until God is ready for me – so I think the shot is so very much important, and I thank you guys so much for allowing us to come in and get it – because I wasn’t even here 30 minutes, and I’m going to be walking out the door in less than 10 minutes. I think it’s just awesome. I think everyone needs this – if not to protect yourself, like I said, do it for someone you love.”

- Mechell

Why did you want to come in and get the vaccine?

“I had to think it over for a while, and then I decided that one of my children – they have a lot of health issues – and I want to make sure that I’m healthy around them, so that’s why I decided to come in.”

- Andrea