COVID-19 Vaccine Testimonials
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“I participated in the original polio vaccine trials in grade school and watched polio disappear. I believe in the power of vaccines to eliminate diseases. This is important for both individuals and the community at-large. With COVID, if most of our community gets vaccinated and we achieve herd immunity, the virus has no place to go. We can stop COVID-19.”

- Dr. William Valenti, Senior Vice President for Strategic Advancement, Chief of Innovation, Co-Founder, and Staff Physician, Trillium Health

“It was important for me to come in and get the COVID vaccine today for my family, my friends and my co-workers... and their family and friends.”

- Tiera Proctor, Pharmacist, Trillium Health

“I got vaccinated for the safety of my patients and the community at-large, and to help end the pandemic.”

- Emily Duke, PA-C, Trillium Health

“As a woman of color, as a Black woman, as a Latina, I thought it was imperative (to get vaccinated) because my community and my family look to me for guidance... especially given our history with vaccines and healthcare in general. So, I wanted to come be the first to take the step towards everyone getting vaccinated so we can end the pandemic.”

- Bianca Castro, Trans/GNC Care Coordinator, Trillium Health

Trillium Health is a community health center whose mission is to promote health equity by providing affordable and extraordinary primary and specialty care, including for people of all backgrounds, regardless of income, sexual identity, race, or ethnicity.