HIV/AIDS Facts and Figures

In Rochester...
 · Rochester has the 2nd highest HIV infection rate per capita in the state, outside of New    York City.

· Last year, AIDS Rochester lost, on average, 2 clients each month to AIDS.

In Monroe County...
· 2,026 people are diagnosed with HIV

· The percentage of new HIV infections has increased dramatically over the past 5 years

In New York...
· Up to 5,200 New Yorkers will become infected with HIV this year

· Approximately 181,000 people in New York currently live with HIV/AIDS.

· New York ranks #1 in the nation in AIDS cases and AIDS is New York’s #2 killer of adults 25-44 years old.

In the United States...
· Every 9 ½ minutes, someone is infected with HIV.

· An estimated 56,300 will become infected with HIV this year.

· An estimated 1 in 4 individuals that have HIV don't know it

· More than 580,000 have died of AIDS since the epidemic began in 1981. 1.1 million are currently living with HIV, including 21% who are unaware of their status.

· Young people, ages 13-29 account for 34% of all new infections, the largest share of any age group. Most young people are infected sexually.

In the World...
· .Every second someone is infected with HIV

· An estimated 2.7 million people will become infected with HIV this year

· More than 20 million have died from AIDS since the epidemic began. 33 million currently live with HIV, including 2.5 million children.

· More than 67% of those living with HIV are women, and women’s share of the infection is increasing in several countries.

· 10,000 people die every day from AIDS