Ride Schedule

Ride                 Check in              Start

100 Mile             6:45am               7:30am
50 Mile              11:30am            12:00pm
20 Mile               1:30pm               2:00pm

Support and Gear assistance vehicles will drive the entire ride route. If you are injured or unable to continue riding, SAG will give you assistance. SAG vehicles can transport you to the next rest stop or back to Genesee Valley Park in time for the victory parade lap and dinner.

Mechanical Support
Bicycle technicians will traverse along the route to assist you with minor repairs.

Rest Stops
Most rest stops are 15 – 20 miles apart. Each Rest Stop will have healthy snacks, beverages, bathrooms, shady areas and a fun theme to put a smile on your face.

A healthy lunch will be provided on the 100 mile route within the heart of Letchworth Park overlooking Middle Falls.

After the ride all participants are welcome to a dinner party at Genesee Valley Park.