At Camp

Camp Crew sets up Camp in a new campground each night, complete with all the amenities you need. By the time most of you arrive in Camp, it will be up and running. You’ll be able to grab a shower and some food, and enjoy the many other services we offer. The time you spend in Camp is your own, and you are welcome to enjoy it how you wish. Some people hang out in groups, some visit the massage tent, or some grab a book and a quiet patch of grass. Whatever your preference, we all eventually fall into a routine as we travel throughout the Finger Lakes.

Your Tent
We will provide you with a two person (8’X 8’) tent. You can choose your own tentmate or one will be provided for you. You also have the option to stay alone for an additional $50 surcharge.  Please do not bring your own tent. The camp crew will set up your tent so it is ready when you arrive into camp. In the morning you and your tentmate are responsible for taking down your tent and packing it up. Don’t worry, tent take down is easy and you’ll soon see that there’s no shortage of friendly, helpful people around to assist you!

*Cyclists are also allowed to make their own special arrangements to stay off site on any of the nights. Please feel free to take advantage of one of the many Bed and Breakfasts around the Finger Lakes. We recommend staying in camp because it's all part of the AIDS Red Ribbon Ride experience; however, if you would rather stay in a hotel, you are welcome to do so. All logistics and costs associated with your hotel stay are your responsibility. Also note that your bike cannot be used for transportation to and from the hotel.

New York in August is usually pretty reliable, but we will ride in any weather, so be prepared for heat, cold, and rain. Mornings can be cold and damp but usually temperatures get warmer by lunch. Nights can also get chilly.You will want to pack your cycling layers and use them!

*In extreme cases we may need to make the decision to cancel a day’s route and transport participants to the next camp for safety's sake.

You can bring one bag with you – this includes your sleeping bag, so pack carefully! Your bag can weigh up to 70 lbs and that should be plenty to get you through the week. Keep in mind, our wonderful Camp Crew are the ones loading and unloading your bags each day.

You will be served a hot breakfast and dinner daily in camp, plus a bagged lunch and plenty of snacks. While basic vegetarian meals will be provided for those that request them, we cannot accommodate the vast range of special dietary needs beyond that. If there is something that you must have, bring it along, or plan to stop along the way (although there may be some portions of the route lacking shopping areas). If you have questions or concerns about our food options, please contact the ride coordinator

Camp Breakfast Hours: 6:30am-7:30am

Announcements: 7:45am

Ride Start: 8am

Snack Hour: 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Camp Dinner Hours:  6:00pm-7:30pm

Quiet Time: 10pm

Showers & Wash-Up Facilities
All camps have separate men's & women's (hot) showers and sink/mirror areas for washing up & brushing your teeth. The shower stalls are individual with semi communal changing areas.

Bike Parking
As soon as you ride into camp there will be a bike rack to park your bike. Bike techs will also be available to help with any maintenance needed on your bike. There is overnight security to keep your bike safe so no bike locks are required!

Wrap Up
Each night at 7:30pm we have daily announcements in the dinner area including stories from the road that day, what to expect for tomorrow’s ride, and a variety of speakers to highlight the programs and services that your fundraising goes to support. It’s a fun and inspiring element of the AIDS Red Ribbon Ride experience.  

Guests are welcome to visit camp.   Please remember that meals provided by the event are for participants only.

Pets are not allowed to travel with you on the event or allowed at any campsites.