Testing, Treatment & Prevention

The Hepatitis C Program at Trillium Health

Since the discovery of the virus in 1989, treating hepatitis C effectively has been a challenge. For years, treatment options were unsuccessful and difficult to tolerate. The treatment of hepatitis C has evolved over the years with options that are better than ever before. We have a care team lead by Infectious Disease Board-Certified physicians who work closely with patients on individualized treatment plans. Support services such as medication adherence, financial assistance, and support groups give our patients receive the tools necessary to continue a healthy life.

• An inclusive environment providing high-quality care and affordable treatment plans
• A team of compassionate providers, clinicians, pharmacists working together in a one-stop model to test and treat HCV
• Highly experienced and trained staff specializing in infectious disease – including three Infectious Disease specialists, clinical pharmacists, a dedicated hepatitis C coordinator, linkage to care specialists, two peer-certified navigators, and experienced insurance navigators
• Individualized behavioral wellness programs that focus on health and medication adherence
• A unique pharmacy that is well-stocked with hepatitis C medication
• Free in-service training for community-based organizations and a diverse outreach team testing individuals in the community

We have everything that we need to prevent, find and cure hep C!

    • Do NOT let financial restraints keep you away from testing or treatment. Funding is available at Trillium Health to ensure an individual will have little or no copay for their medications.

    • Treatments have progressed and are now shorter and more effective than former methods, with cure rates around 95% for a 12-week treatment.

    • Don’t be afraid to get tested or undergo treatment! Trillium Health strives to provide an environment of inclusion, respect, and acceptance because your health, safety, and comfort are our top priority.

Our caring and experienced staff of counselors, clinicians, and wellness providers are here to help in any way that we can.

Give us a call at 454-HEPC. Talk to us about what’s going on, let us try to help you.