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PLEASE NOTE: Adult Day Health has temporarily been suspended to help limit the spread of coronavirus. Please click here for the latest information.

Adult Day Health

Take charge of your health

Learn how to manage your health in a safe, welcoming place at Trillium Health’s Adult Day Health Program. You will attend groups with other people like you, to learn how to make your emotional and physical health better. We will help you set goals and decide your own path.


Types of classes you may go to:

 • Yoga and moving your body

• Managing chronic (long-term) conditions like HIV, chronic pain, diabetes, asthma, COPD, hepatitis and more

• Drug and alcohol education

• Stress management & emotional wellness

• Art therapy, music therapy, and horticulture (plants and gardening) therapy


Adult day health is for you, if you:

• Have HIV, or are at risk of getting HIV

• Also have other health needs (diabetes, heart disease, COPD, pain, hepatitis, and more)

• Are 18 years old or older

• Want to make your life better

• Can stay at Adult Day Health for at least 3 hours one day each week

• Have Medicaid or Medicaid Managed Care health insurance


Other benefits

• Free transportation, if needed

• Breakfast and Lunch on the days you attend

• Connections to more services and programs

• Friendships with other people like you

Where to start

Your doctor needs to let us know that you want to come to Adult Day Health. This is called a referral. Your insurance company also has to let us know that it is okay for you to come to Adult Day Health. This is called an authorization. We can help you get both of these things. To find out more stop by or call us at 585-545-7220. (This number is private.) We will answer your questions and help you decide if Adult Day Health is right for you.


At Adult Day Health you will learn how to:

• Take care of yourself and your health

• Speak up for yourself

• Make choices about your health care

• Make healthy choices for your body, every day

• Build a support system with your friends, family, doctors, and other people


Adult Day Health Contacts

Main: (585) 545-7220
Fax: (585) 454-2766