Fundraising with a Letter

Writing a letter is a very reliable method of fundraising and a great way to contact a large number of people. Use a letter for communicating with friends, family and co-workers.  Send it via snail mail (include a self addressed envelope) and to everyone on your email list. You can write your own letter and include a donation form or download the sample letter which includes a donation form.

Use this template when writing your letter:
1. Tell about what you are doing. About the ride length, the challenge of it and the training you have committed to. Include pictures or anything that can help tell the story.

2. Tell how the funds raised are going to help. Refer to the "Why Ride" section for information about Trillium Health.

3. Tell the donor why this is important to you.

4. Ask the donor to help you in this fight by making the contribution.

5. Include a  Donation Form 5 Day Ride.