Online Fundraising

The most effective and fun fundraising tool available to you is!!!

Set up your webpage and start fundraising ASAP. Your own personal AID Red Ribbon Ride page is where your donors will be able to conveniently donate using their credit card. There they can see your picture, read your words and even find their name scrolling on your list of donors!  We encourage you to personalize your homepage as much as possible. Tell your story, add pictures, video, blog about your training, and create a page that will inspire your donors to support you.

To set up your website:
Go to

Click on “Get Started”

Select AIDS Red Ribbon Ride

Choose “Yes” register online now

Agree to terms of registration and waiver and  select “Continue”

Enter an email address and select “Continue”

Enter required information and select “Continue”

Design your website: Take advantage of all of the tools they set up for you. Right from your firstgiving account you can:

    * Email people about your page – this is your most important tool! Through firstgiving you can import email addresses from other email accounts and send possible donors a message from the message template.

    * Use the firstgiving Facebook app to share your page on your profile

    * Get a widget - It's an interactive micro-version of your page that you can post to websites, blogs and social profiles.

You can also make your fundraising page personal!

    * Do some basic page editing, upload a picture of yourself or your team into Firstgiving and add a caption below it. THIS WILL MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

    * Share why you ride. You may have a touching story that really inspires someone to donate or get involved themselves.

    * Add images from flicker, Flickr is a photo uploading site, to share your personal photos with friends and family

    * Add a video of yourself from Youtube so you can share a personal message or a training clip.