Bicycle Safety

We encourage all cyclists to ride with the utmost respect for the safety of themselves and others. Please read these guidelines carefully:

    * The use of headphones or any electronic device is STRICTLY PROHIBITED– you will not be able to hear traffic or other cyclists.
    * Obey all traffic signs, signals and directions from traffic officials. Stop at all stop signs. Signal all turns Cross only at intersections.

Use hand signals:

    * Left turn – extend hand directly parallel to the road
    * Right turn – use left arm at 90 degree angle.
    * Slowing/stop – extend left arm holding hand towards road at 90 degree angle

Use voice commands:

    * “On your left” – preparing to pass another rider- only pass on left
    * “Car Back” – to warn riders in front of you of approaching car
    * “Stopping” – warns other riders you are stopping
    * Be visible – wearing bright clothes allows you to be easily seen.
    * Intersections – be extra cautious, cars might not see you and pull out in front of you.
    * Ride single file.
    * Avoid road hazards such as pot holes, puddles, sand, gravel, road kill, drains and parked cars.
    * Ride at safe following distance behind other cyclists and cars.
    * Large vehicles such as tractor trailers can suck you into their draft as they pass you. Try and maintain a straight line and compensate for the draft as they pass you.