Referring Physicians

Doctor RibbonTrillium Health specializes in caring for people living with HIV and AIDS. Our health care providers are HIV Specialists knowledgeable in the latest advances in treatment and research. And as an official clinical trials site, we have access to promising new medications that may not be available at other local HIV treatment centers. We also provide extensive HIV/AIDS support, social services, and prevention education to the local community - including a comprehensive HIV testing and education program.

As Western New York's leading resource on HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention, education, and support services, we can help primary care and specialty practices understand the importance of routine HIV testing, and how new testing regulations may affect their practices. Most importantly, we can provide physicians treating HIV/AIDS in their offices with advice, consultation, and resources.

Now, more than ever, it is important for all medical care providers to stay informed about the latest HIV news - and we can help. At Trillium Health, we are committed to furthering the care and treatment of patients in our service area as a resource to direct care providers. Our team of health care professionals are just a phone call away.