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Aug 27, 2015

Jason Roberts, Community Engagement & Innovation

The Board of Directors and leadership of Trillium Health are thrilled to announce an exciting addition to the Trillium Health family. The MOCHA Center, an organization deeply rooted in improving the health & wellness of LGBT communities of color, and Trillium Health, a community health center committed to LGBT health with a legacy of caring for those impacted by HIV/AIDS, are becoming one!

 With a history of a shared allegiance, The MOCHA Center and Trillium Health have collaborated together for years. We each have similar missions and programs, and importantly share a culture of compassion for the people we serve.

 Stanley Byrd, current board president and founding father of The MOCHA Center says “the pooling of resources between The MOCHA Center and Trillium Health will provide a broader reach to underserved communities as well increase the level of services and outreach.  The merger also creates for the community a continuum of services and care that neither organization could accomplish alone.”

 This merger comes at a crucial time as HIV infection rates continue to disproportionately affect communities of color, especially young men of color. Leaders of both organizations are committed to preserving the unique and specialized care the community, patients and clients receives from the MOCHA Center. Programs are well- established and respected and will remain intact. Our community will continue to receive the consistent care they have come to expect from the MOCHA Center.

 The MOCHA Center ‘brand’ – an established and well-respected identity – will remain intact.

 "This merger will harness our individual strengths and combine them to transform and improve healthcare to the communities we serve throughout the greater Rochester region” said Andrea DeMeo, Trillium Health’s President and CEO. "We are excited to join our efforts with The MOCHA Center and expand on our engagement and outreach efforts in communities of color. And by joining forces, we’re able to broaden our current services Trillium Health affords our patients and consumers, as well.”

 As one agency, our combined resources and staff talent will allow us to be ever more innovative as we strive to meet the continued needs of the communities we serve. We are excited about all the good that will come from our merger. We are confident that by joining forces we will be able to offer more services to those who need them most.