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National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day

Apr 10, 2015

National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day

Trillium Health now offers unique services to help stem the tide of HIV/AIDS cases in Rochester


Rochester, NY - April 10, 2015 – Today, is National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day.

Youth aged 13 to 24 now account for an estimated one-quarter of all new HIV infections in the United States. More than 50% of youth with HIV in the United States do not even know they are infected! Today is an opportunity to bring much needed awareness to our community. 

Trillium Health is working to combat this problem in two significant ways:

  • We are an integral part of the NYS initiative to “End the HIV Epidemic” by 2020. Our programs are built around the “EtE 2020” agenda that involves: 
  1. Testing for HIV and enrolling those who test positive, in HIV care. 
  2. Treating those infected with advanced HIV treatments, which helps bring the HIV virus to very low levels, so patients aren’t transmitting HIV to others
  3. Development of a program, for high risk HIV negative people that involves a one-pill a day regiment that reduces HIV risk by more than 95%.
  • Our LGBT health initiative for high-risk youth. These programs work with young people, including transgender youth, to educate and inform them to reduce the risk of HIV to themselves and others.

In light of the recent news stories on the transgendered 6th grader in the Sodus Central School District, National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day is a chance to educate our community in the efforts needed to alleviate stigmas and encourage thoughtful discussion.  Trillium Health is currently working with the Sodus School District by conducting a training program for school administration and teaching staff.

For additional media information, contact Pamela Rogers, Director of Marketing, at (585) 210-4244.

About Trillium Health

Trillium Health (formerly known as AIDS Care) is different, and represents the future of care:  comprehensive, individualized, and affirming of each person’s identity.  It has expanded its offerings to serve HIV negative patients, including women and the LGBT communities. Trillium Health is a local community health center offering three dimensions of care:  primary care, supportive services, and community outreach.  With over 25 years of history providing integrated care to people from diverse communities, patients and clients can visit one location to participate in a full range of programs to support their health and well-being.

Its primary location is downtown at 259 Monroe Avenue in Rochester, NY, with satellite offices in Bath, Geneva and on Central Avenue in Rochester. The phone number for the main office is 585-545-7200 and the website can be found at