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Hard-won Civil Rights Protections for Transgender People Must Not Be Overturned. A Statement from President & CEO Andrea DeMeo

Oct 23, 2018

Andrea DeMeo, President & CEO

On Oct. 21, the New York Times issued a report titled, “Transgender Could be Defined Out of Existence Under Trump Administration,” which is bringing attention to attempts by the Department of Health and Human Services to define gender in the strictest manner possible and roll back civil rights protections for transgender people. In this day and age, it seems inconceivable that hard-won protections and recognition for transgender people under federal civil rights law could be at risk, but they are.


As a Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alike committed to the health of our LGBTQ communities, we are deeply concerned about this effort to define gender as determined on a biological basis at birth. According to the Times article, “The new definition would essentially eradicate federal recognition of the estimated 1.4 million Americans who have opted to recognize themselves — surgically or otherwise — as a gender other than the one they were born into.” Trillium Health works each day to provide the best care to and defend the rights of, our LGBTQ communities. We will continue to be a safe, welcoming, and affirming place for all. 


Please consider adding your voice to the Human Rights Campaign’s online petition demanding this effort be stopped. It’s time for all of us to speak out against this travesty of justice. #WontBeErased