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A statement from our President and CEO, Andrea DeMeo

Mar 30, 2018

At Trillium Health, we applaud Governor Cuomo for his commitment to Ending the AIDS Epidemic by the end of 2020, and for expanding access to housing for people living with HIV outside of New York City and working to eliminate the spread of the Hepatitis C virus (HCV). By announcing the nation’s first state-level Hepatitis C comprehensive elimination strategy, the Governor has reached another milestone in our state’s historic efforts to end the HIV and Hepatitis C epidemics.

The statistics around HCV are alarming, which is why the Governor’s leadership and efforts to eliminate it are vitally important.

  • It’s estimated that only 50% of people who are infected with hepatitis C are aware of their status in NYS.
  • The CDC reported a 133% increase in NYS acute HCV cases in 2015.
  • One in five persons with HIV is co-infected with HCV, and studies show that over 90 percent of people who are treated with medication can be cured of HCV.  
  • Annual hepatitis C-related mortality surpasses the total combined number of deaths from 60 other infectious diseases reported to CDC, including HIV, pneumococcal disease, and tuberculosis.

At Trillium Health, our medical staff and physicians are already working hard to stop the Hepatitis C virus in its tracks. We also plan to expand our efforts to increase access to medications that can cure Hepatitis C and connect people in high-risk communities with wrap-around Hepatitis C prevention, screenings, and treatment services, all of which have been endorsed by Governor Cuomo.

As a prescriber of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), we also commend the Governor’s efforts to increase access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).  PrEP prevents HIV infection in people who are sexually active, including those who are most at-risk. This one-pill-a-day regimen saves lives and is one of the most effective ways we can prevent HIV infection, including in vulnerable populations such as men who have sex with men, women of color, and young people.

Please join me in thanking Governor Cuomo for his continued support, strong leadership, and vision for a healthier New York. 

Statement by Andrea DeMeo, President and Chief Executive Officer, Trillium Health