Organizational Change
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As an employer, Trillium Health is committed to breaking down structural barriers within our organization to ensure an equitable workplace that honors diversity and supports inclusion. Actions to date include:

  • Increasing of our minimum base salary to $16 per hour for regular full and part-time team members. We feel the right thing to do is to bring our staff above the minimum wage as part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts. This is in addition to providing health, retirement, and other valuable employee benefits. Trillium Health is proud to be named a Level Up Champion by the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative (RMAPI). According to RMAPI, "A Level Up Champion is an employer that has taken the first step toward wage equity by instituting a $15 or higher starting wage within their organization. This commitment demonstrates their investment in their employees and is one way they are doing their part to address poverty in the Greater Rochester Area."
  • Including people of color in every marketing campaign and gathering feedback from team members who are part of the communities we serve, making efforts to purchase materials and services from Black-owned businesses, and advertising in Black-owned radio stations and Black-owned magazines.
  • Additionally, Trillium Health works with area schools to introduce students to opportunities in healthcare through presentations, volunteer opportunities, internships and shadowing experiences.
  • A diversity, equity, and inclusiveness work plan that was created in partnership with Executive Leadership Team and the President’s Council on Inclusiveness and Diversity. The plan focuses on four primary areas (culture, recruitment & retention, commitment to health equity, community engagement) with actions under each to achieve our strategic objectives.
  • Implementing change in our procurement practices, ensuring intentional efforts to obtain purchases of goods and services through Minority and Women-Owned Businesses (MWBE). This has also been a longstanding requirement with several of our grants through the New York State Department of Health’s AIDS Institute as well.
  • Continuing to work with racial and ethnic professional associations, including the Black Physicians Network and other focused recruitment sites, in addition to external clinical recruitment firms, to help recruit candidates from underrepresented communities. We will continue to expand our recruitment partnerships.
  • Providing staff training and development, with a particular focus on inclusion and equity and trauma informed care.