Care has many faces.

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Man Couple Man
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And one home.

There's a perception of healthcare as a big, faceless system. Because many of us have had experiences with impersonal, one-size-fits-all, “I have another patient waiting” care.

Trillium Health is different.

It's the faces of Trillium that make it a new, refreshing approach to better health. The faces you'll see are just like you. Of every culture. From every background. Warm, welcoming and caring.

The faces you'll see show empathy, because we share your experiences and your desire for a more personal and proactive approach to health. And if we look familiar, it's likely because you've known us as AIDS Care. We've taken our successes and innovations there and expanded our focus to provide a more comprehensive, inclusive and proactive approach for everyone seeking better health.

Our comprehensive and integrated care offers:

  • Personalized primary care
  • Specialized healthcare for LGBT communities
  • Women's health
  • Behavioral Wellness/Counseling
  • HIV/AIDS specialty care
  • STD and rapid HIV testing
  • On-site pharmacy services through the Pleasant Street Apothecary

Welcome to
Trillium Health

This is a new name for us, but one reflective of the unique benefits we have provided for 30 years to individuals living with HIV, and the approach to care we want to provide our future HIV-negative patients. A trillium is a perennial wildflower with three leaves and three petals, which mirrors the three dimensions we consider when treating one's health: the physical, emotional and social.

We're located in downtown Rochester, with plenty of free parking and a bus stop near our front door. Once inside Trillium Health, you will find a wide array of services–from medical care to pharmacy, on-site lab, nutrition, health education and social work services.

We'd like to invite you to explore our website or, better yet, experience our model of care as a patient.

Jay Rudman
President and
Chief Executive Officer