LGBTQ+ Support
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LGBTQ+ Support Groups


Gender Expansive Kids Group

A support group for young people, with a focus on LGBTQ+ identities, age-appropriate sexual health information (including testing/PrEP), navigating support systems, and resource building. This group meets monthly at 259 Monroe Avenue.
Contact: Susanna Speed | | 585.210.4251
This support group is temporarily paused due to COVID-19.

Trans Teen Support Group

A support group for all transgender, non-binary, and gender expansive young people ages 13-17. This group meets monthly at 170 Science Parkway.

We offer a wide range of other support groups. Check out the full listing!


Binder Finder and Gender Outfit Program

Through the use of compression tops and other gender-affirming techniques, Trillium Health's Binder Finder and Gender Outfit program assists those seeking to change their appearance to better align with their gender identity. In addition to helping you find a perfect fit, we can answer many of your questions, provide safety information, and show you how to properly clean and maintain your garment.