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We know talking about sexual health can be a little awkward. At Trillium, we work hard to make these conversations easy with no pressure or judgement. As an extra thank you, we have several incentive programs that offer free gift cards in exchange for your time and effort. Take a look below to see if you might be eligible!


who: Any person who has been sexually active and is willing to learn about safer sex options 

what: After watching a short video online as a group, we have an exciting discussion about sex and condom use. 

payment: $20 gift card (if eligible)

contact: Kris Alfonso | | 585.210.4275

Personalized Cognitive Counseling (PCC)

who: Men who have had anal sex without a condom since their last negative HIV test and are not currently taking PrEP. (This does not include anal sex with a partner or boyfriend of longer than 3 months.)

what: A short conversation with a testing specialist about your thoughts and feelings related to a specific sexual encounter when a condom was not used 

payment: $30 gift card

contact: Susanna Speed | | 585.210.4251

Ask us about our other available services:

Syringe Exchange



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