On Route

Cyclists will spend most of their time out on the route.  You’ll wake up in the morning and get out of camp, where a full complement of Ride Crew will be waiting to keep you safe, healthy, and happy.  While everyone travels at their own pace, we have specific hours of operation to keep it running smoothly.  We all count on each other to stay safe and successful, and together, we make it into Camp each night.

Route Schedule
The route opens to Cyclists at 8:00AM and closes at 5:30PM. Cyclists must depart camp and be on the route by 8:30AM. In order to keep Cyclists safe, we must keep Cyclists moving along on schedule. We do this by establishing hours of operation for our rest stops along the route. You can ride at your own pace as long as you arrive at each rest stop before its posted closing time. If event Staff  determine that you will arrive at a stop after closing, you will be picked up and driven to the next rest stop or transported directly to camp.

Pace Yourself
You will be responsible for managing your pace each day. If you know that you are a slower paced rider, you should plan to be ready with your bike at Bike at 7:30am for opening announcements, and be aware of the time spent at each rest stop during the day. That being said, there is plenty of time to ride, enjoy the sights and arrive in camp before closing. This is a ride, not a race!

Each morning at Opening Announcements you will receive a route sheet for that day’s ride. It will give you the total mileage for the day and turn-by-turn directions. It will also include the location, mile markers and operating hours for each Rest Stop. The route is very well marked and often you can follow the cyclist in front of you.

Road Support
Support and Gear vehicles (SAG) will patrol the entire route and provide a sweep of the route. If you are unable to continue riding or injured, SAG will give you assistance. SAG vehicles can transport you to the next rest stop or back to camp along with your bike

Mechanical Support
Bicycle technicians will be available on the route, at rest stops and back at camp to make repairs to your bike.