2014 Appeal

Meet Jenna

Positive, healthy living. Comprehensive care. And a welcoming environment that brings it all together.

For the past 30 years, Trillium Health has provided and promoted this kind of care to individuals infected and affected by HIV and AIDS—and today, while our mission remains the same, we are bringing that same model of care to everyone.

Take Jenna for example. Because of her weight, she felt self-conscious and uncomfortable talking about her health. She felt judged and discriminated against.


Tired of feeling like she wasn’t getting the care she deserved, Jenna searched for a provider that would listen to her and meet her needs. “Working in the nonprofit industry myself, I saw first-hand how Trillium Health helped those affected by HIV/AIDS. I, too, wanted affirming and open-minded care.”

Jenna knew she’d found the right health care provider from her first visit. “I immediately felt safe. My provider listened. And I felt comfortable advocating for myself and my health.”

Thanks to donors like you, we deliver the kind of open, affirming, personalized care that Jenna and others are looking for. 

“Before I came to Trillium Health, I only saw a provider when I was sick. Now, I work with my provider to manage my health.”

We all deserve care that is accepting of us as individuals. Jenna found that at Trillium Health. “Everyone is here for different reasons, but one thing we have in common is access to personalized and understanding care.”

Please donate today so patients like Jenna can continue to receive the type of health care that is affirming and accepting. We can’t do it without your support.




Jay Rudman

President and CEO


Leslie Mauro

Board Chair