A positive, healthy life.

That’s what your support ensures for the people under our care.

And that was all Liz wanted for her older brother, Chris, who was diagnosed with HIV.

With Liz by his side, Trillium Health was able to provide Chris with exceptional service through our unique model of care that addresses the three aspects of health: physical, emotional and social.

Liz learned first-hand the value of Trillium Health’s comprehensive services and wanted to give back to an organization that had done so much for her family.

Today, Liz can be found every week serving food at our congregate meal for patients, and in the summer she’s an enthusiastic volunteer at our annual, five-day AIDS Red Ribbon Ride.

We encourage you to watch Liz’s story about why she supports Trillium Health.

Please give to Trillium Health. Help us promote the importance of positive, healthy living.




Jay Rudman

President and CEO


Leslie Mauro

Board Chair