You can help end AIDS

Meet Marc

I’d like to share the story of a happy, young couple. Marc and his wife, Cindi, were recently married and expecting a baby. They were excited to start their lives together. One phone call changed all that – Cindi was HIV-positive.

Cindi, a beautiful, generous, and vibrant woman, was about to be a mother. And she was HIV-positive. Cindi and her new husband had a hard road ahead of them – What happens now? What will happen to the baby? What will happen to Cindi?

This was 1992. HIV was a death sentence. Armed with limited knowledge and few choices, Cindi knew she needed to fight for her life – and her baby’s. Marc and Cindi’s son, Elijah, is now 22 years old and HIV-negative. Cindi died a couple of years after Elijah’s birth.



As my retirement nears at the end of December, I remember and reflect on stories like Cindi and Marc’s that have shaped our work. Dr. Bill Valenti and Dr. Steve Schiebel built an organization unlike any other to address the catastrophic AIDS epidemic. Patients, like Cindi, overflowed the waiting rooms – an HIV-positive diagnosis meant death.

Fast forward to 2014. Today, because of generous donors like you, we have changed the outcome for our patients. They’re living longer and healthier lives, and we continue to be the go-to organization for high-quality, patient-centered HIV/AIDS care in the Rochester and Finger Lakes region.

But as Dr. Valenti will tell you, the work is not done: “When we first started seeing people with HIV the fear was intense. Our mission was to provide care and hope to people.  Now, Governor Cuomo has called for the end to the AIDS epidemic by 2020. And I can promise you that Trillium Health will be there to help finish the job.”

Won’t you join with me to see this through? Please consider a gift today so we can continue to provide the prevention and education necessary to stop the spread of HIV and end AIDS in our lifetime. Your support is critical to our success.




Jay Rudman

President and CEO