Testing, Treatment & Prevention

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV Exposure (PEP)

If you think you may have been infected with HIV, call us NOW or visit our Monroe Avenue location to receive PEP. Trillium Health has now been granted approval to dispense PEP through our Pharmacy. Call 585-454-PrEP to speak with a specialist. If after hours, please call (585) 241-9000 immediately. 

Places where you can get help for PEP for other possible HIV exposures:

  • Your primary care provider
  • A hospital emergency department
  • Trillium Health at 259 Monroe Ave and Trillium Health Pharmacy in Rochester and Geneva (601B W Washington St.)


  • PEP works best if it’s given within 36 hours after you were exposed.
  • If you can’t be seen by your primary doctor within 2 hours after you call for an appointment, go to the nearest hospital emergency department.

When you go to a hospital emergency department:

  • When you arrive, tell them that you think you have been exposed to HIV
  • They will talk to you about your exposure and PEP, and will do a rapid HIV test
  • They can give you medication to prevent HIV if you need it

Here’s how Trillium Health can help you:

  • Follow-up after you have started PEP
  • If you start PEP, you will need to:
    Take the medicine for 30 days
    Have a follow-up visit 3 days after you start PEP
    Have a follow-up visit 30 days after you start PEP
  • Information about the drugs you are taking

Places where you can get information quickly:

Trillium Health (585) 241-9000 
Strong Memorial Hospital-585.275.4551
Highland Hospital-585.473.2200
Rochester General Hospital-585.338.4000
Unity Hospital-585.723.7070

What should you do if you think you have been exposed?

Go to the nearest hospital emergency department – they know what to do, can do a rapid HIV test, and can give you PEP if you need it

Other places for more information

If you think you were exposed to HIV: New York State HIV Hotline
English 1-800-541-AIDS (1-800-541-2437),
Spanish 1-800-233-SIDA (1-800-233-7432)
TDD 1-800-369-2437 

For medical providers: New York State Health Department PEPline

Trillium Health
585.454.PrEP (7737) 

For sexual assault or rape
Planned Parenthood of the Rochester/ Syracuse Region

Planned Parenthood 24-Hour Hotlines

Monroe County (585) 546-2777
Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, Wyoming 1-800-527-1757
Elsewhere in the US 1-800-656-4673