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Harm Reduction Services: Syringe Exchange Program

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Health Outreach Project
416 Central Ave
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Started in 1994 as a means of stopping the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C, Trillium Health continues to employ harm reduction strategies to keep active injectors, their family members and the community healthy.

Injection drug users (IDUs) can become infected with HIV and Hepatitis C through sharing contaminated syringes and other injection equipment; they can then transmit the viruses to others through high-risk sexual behavior.

Public Health Law allows individuals to legally obtain and transport syringes provided they enroll in a Syringe Exchange Program (SEP) and carry an identification card with a unique number.

Trillium Health Harm Reduction Services staff provide information about safer injection practices, provide new syringes and safe disposal of used syringes. Our staff also provides linkage to medical care, treatment services, and other supportive services.

To get a better idea about harm reduction tools utilized by our program and similar Syringe Exchange Programs across the country visit harmreduction.org.