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Trillium Health (including COVID-19 testing) will be closed for Martin Luther King, Jr.  Day on 1/18. For more information, click here.

Please note: Vaccine appointments are not available at this time. We are waiting for a vaccine shipment from New York State, and we are required to administer vaccinations according to New York State guidelines. You can click here to see if you are eligible. Please check back for updates.
If you need assistance in Spanish, please call 585.545.7200. Si necesita ayuda en Español, llame al 585.545.7200.

Aaron Ajegba, Pharmacist at Trillium Health, gets vaccinated against COVID-19


Common Questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine:

  • Everyone! Unless you have a reason not be be vaccinated, we recommend that everyone be vaccinated. It's safe and effective. 

    Getting vaccinated is good for you, your family and friends - and it helps us get to "herd immunity" that can stop the pandemic.

  • Most people will have pain or redness at the injection site that does not interfere with daily activities. Fatigue and muscle aches are other common side effects. Usually, these side effects last 1-2 days.

  • Probably not. We will ask you a series of questions about how you are feeling. If you have a fever, fatigue, muscle aches or a flu-like illness, you should wait until those symptoms are gone before you are vaccinated.

  • Good news - the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are 95% effective at reducing COVID infection. If a vaccinated person gets a COVID infection, the infection does not get worse or require going to the hospital. 

  • Yes, based on what we know so far. The Moderna vaccine trial had a small number of people living with HIV in the trial. All of them did well and responded to the vaccine. Side effects in people with HIV were the same as with other groups in the trial.

    Moderna and other manufacturers are doing separate studies of vaccine in people living with HIV - so more information will follow.

  • In general, yes. Talk to your OB provider first and discuss the pros and cons of vaccine if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

  • Yes. In fact, people with underlying medical problems are at high risk for complications from COVID infection and will benefit from the vaccine. The vaccine reduces the risk of COVID infection and reduces the risk of severe disease and hospitalization.

  • Yes. People who have had COVID infection have some protection/antibody after their infection for about 90 days. For people who have had COVID infection, it is safe to wait for a time (up to 60 days) after infection to make sure they are fully recovered before being vaccinated.

  • No. None of the vaccines contain the live virus that causes COVID-19. This means that the vaccine can't make you sick with COVID-19.

  • This is still being studied. The chances of spreading virus are lower in people who have been vaccinated. This is another reason to be vaccinated - if you get a COVID infection, you will most likely have a milder course of illness.

  • Yes. Early on, until we reach the "herd immunity" level, we need to continue with masking. The goal for vaccination is for up to 80% of people to be vaccinated.

    In the meantime, we will continue to mask at all Trillium Health locations. 

    Later on, as larger numbers of people are vaccinated, this may change. We will evaluate how to use masks and distancing based on the number of people vaccinated, and when we are comfortable that the number of new infections is actually decreasing. 

COVID-19 Vaccinations at Trillium Health:

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