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COVID-19 Updates: For more information about COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, please click here.

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COVID-19 Update: Trillium Health is working hard to schedule vaccine appointments for patients over the age of 65. We have thousands of patients and we deeply appreciate your patience. If you are a patient, you don't need to contact us to schedule an appointment - we will contact you because the supply is limited. The vaccine shipments are unpredictable, and we can only schedule appointments when vaccines arrive. We are required to administer vaccinations according to New York State guidelines.

If you need assistance in Spanish, please call 585.545.7200. Si necesita ayuda en Español, llame al 585.545.7200.

If you have questions or comments, or would like to request further information about Trillium Health, you can reach us at 585.545.7200. Our call center team will be happy to direct your call to the appropriate group. You can also use the form below to submit a general question.

Please note: Confidential, personal or medical information is not to be entered into this form. This form should not be used for medical emergencies.

Quick Reference Numbers

Main Phone: 585.545.7200
Pharmacy: 800.923.9394
24/7 Access to PEP: 800.923.9394